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  • Stunning fossils: The seven most amazing ever found / 19 February 2015 / Jeff Hecht and Michael Le Page / New Scientist, n.3009, p.34 — dinosaurs in mortal combat, an ichthyosaur birth, a fish catching a fish-catching pterosaur: these seven fossils show prehistoric beasts living and dying
    • Snake eating baby dinosaur / 23 February / p.37 — snake fossils are extremely rare, and this one was petrified just as it was about to eat a dinosaur hatchling
    • Big Mama brooding / 22 February / p.36 — she was sitting on her nest keeping her eggs warm, just like modern birds do, when disaster struck
    • Dinosaur death match / 20 February / p.34-35 — the Velociraptor and Protoceratops were engaged in a desperate struggle when they were abruptly buried by a landslide
    • Turtles caught in the act / 18 February / p.37 — you don't need to be a fossil expert to work out what these two turtles were up to just before they died
    • Mother giving birth / 18 February / p.38 — something went terribly wrong as this ancient ichthyosaur was giving birth, and she died along with her offspring
    • Fish catches fish-catching pterosaur / 18 February / p.38-39 — the swooping pterosaur snatched a fish from the water, only to be caught by a much bigger fish leaping into the air
    • Sauropod flees for its life / 18 February / p.39 — the trail of footprints left by a huge sauropod and a T. rex.-like dinosaur may record a predatory chase
  • Epigenome Project Finds Symphony in Cells / February 21, 2015 / Creation-Evolution Headlines — If all cells have the same genome, why do they look and act differently? The epigenome conducts each part in the symphony.
  • Learn How to Operate Your Body / February 20, 2015 / Creation-Evolution Headlines — You have built-in machinery and software that’s beyond your awareness. Here are ways to enlist your equipment for better health.
  • Ancient mammals displayed diversity / 19 February 2015 / Nature, v.518, p.276
  • Fern hybrid does not mind the gap / 19 February 2015 / Nature, v.518, p.276 — two ferns that last shared an ancestor more than 60 million years ago have interbred
  • Evolution of Darwin’s finches and their beaks revealed by genome sequencing / 19 February 2015 / Sangeet Lamichhaney, et al. / Nature, v.518, p.371-375

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